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xtsk: an X Windows TouchScreen Keyboard (and Right Mouse Button)


This X Windows program will pop up two small icons on the screen.
  • A keyboard icon allowing the user to select a field on screen into which they may enter text from an on screen displayed "keyboard".
  • A mouse icon allowing a user to temporarily send a right mouse click to such software as Java applets.
All credit for original source code goes to Matthew Allum's page for xkbd-0.8.12 (link is dead as of 2008 Jul 17). The source code here is a source fork with the additional Right Mouse Button code added in.  The keyboard icon was added so that clicking on a field and then clicking the keyboard will enter data for that field.  The original code would move focus from the field of interest.


xtsk-1.10.008.tar.gz (60.86 KB)


The following screenshots demonstrate use of the on-screen keyboard for a Scientific Motion robotic tool.

Screenshot 1: Touching the screen at the "0" area will send 0 into the "Speed" field:

Screenshot 2: Here, Shift will "stick", and allow entry of other characters:
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