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The Chips

10 50 250 1000 5000
Cheatsheets with these values are provided.

The Event

Arrival, Purchase Entry
We give everyone about a half hour window to find the address and arrive.
Buy chipsPay your Buy-in for your starting chips, $10 gets you $1,500 in chips.  You may also pre-pay $10 for the last Add-on of chips (See Add-on below in First Break .)
SeatingChoose random seating cards; sit at appropriate table
First Hour of Play
A Re-buy during this first hour is allowed if you are under $1,500 in chips while between playing hands.  Paying $5 gets you $1,500 more in chips.  During this time you may go All-In and still Rebuy before the next hand begins.
Play30 minutes, Blinds: 10 / 20 (respectively, the Small Blind / Big Blind)
30 minutes, Blinds: 20 / 40
First Break
Color-upColor up White chips ( Please stack in groups before leaving the table )
Eat; relax; smoke 'em if you got 'em
Re-SeatChoose random seating cards, move to appropriate table
Buy Add-on boosterOptionally now, you may pay for Add-on booster chips; $10 gets you $3,000 in chips (or) $5 gets you $1,500 in chips.  Note, some of you may have pre-paid for yours earlier at the Arrival time.
Second Hour of Play - No more purchases
Play20 minutes, Blinds: 50 / 100
20 minutes, Blinds: 100 / 200
20 minutes, Blinds: 150 / 300
Second Break
Color-upColor up Red chips from stacks
Smoke 'em if you got 'em
Third Hour of Play
Play20 minutes, Blinds: 250 / 500
20 minutes, Blinds: 500 / 1000
20 minutes, Blinds: 750 / 1500
Third Break
Color-upColor up Blue chips from stacks
Smoke 'em if you got 'em
Final round, until Winners declared
Play20 minutes, Blinds: 1000 / 2000
20 minutes, Blinds: 2000 / 4000
Thereafter, doubling blinds each time

The Payout

2-14 players 15-21 players 22+ players
1st 55% 50% 45%
2nd 30% 25% 25%
3rd 15% 15% 15%
4th 10% 10%
5th 5%

The Hand

Post BlindsSmall Blind and Big Blind are posted, starting clockwise at the Dealer's left.
Deal 2 CardsDealer deals two cards face down to each player from a shuffled deck.
FIRST Betting Round (a.k.a. Pre-flop)The first player to the left of the Big Blind must either Call, Call With Raise (more simply: Raise ), or Fold.  If all players in this round Fold or Call, then the player with the Big Blind has a final option to Stand Good or Raise.
Deal The FlopDealer places the next card from the deck face down as a burn card and then places the next 3 cards face up to begin the formation of the community cards.
SECOND Betting RoundThe next round of betting begins at the player to the Dealer's immediate left.  That player may either Check with a zero bet or Open with a minimum value of the Big Blind.  During their turn to bet, a player may Fold their hand to be out of the hand.  Subsequent players to a Check may either Check, Open, or Fold.  Subsequent players to an Open may Call, Fold, or Raise.
Deal the Turn (a.k.a. 4th Street)Dealer deals a burn card face down, then deals face up 1 more community card.
THIRD Betting RoundSame betting as in 2nd Betting Round
Deal the River (a.k.a. 5th Street)Dealer deals a burn card face down, then deals face up 1 more community card.
FOURTH and Final Betting RoundSame betting as in 2nd Betting Round
The ShowdownThe player to the left of the last player to call displays their hand, followed by any remaining players.  A player may muck their hand by not displaying it and thereby removing themselves from hand contention.


  • The minimum value for a Raise is the value of the Big Blind for the hand.
  • To help others to understand what you are doing, it is always good to verbally claim what you are doing.  If you intend to Raise, simply saying "Raise" will help remove a lot of confusion as to what you are doing.
  • Verbally, in your turn to bet, comments such as "Check", "Call", "Raise", "Raise $X" or "All-in" are binding and will constitute action.
  • Arrange your entire bet's chips before pushing it out into the pot area.  Please, no "string bets", where you put out enough to call and then reach back in your stack for a Raise bet.
  • Cards accidentally turned over are "Dead Cards" and are removed from play.
  • We attempt to keep the count of players even at all the tables and may move players from table to table.
  • At 10 players remaining, we all merge to a final table.
  • We're open to suggestions about rules that may seem unfair to you.  Any rules that would assist you to play as if you were at a Casino are the ones we attempt to abide by.  Every poker group retains House Rules to some degree.  The House Rules we have come up are with an attempt to keep play to be as fun and fair as possible for all our players.

Good Luck, All-In

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